Omega Seamaster Railmaster Review

All watch lovers know that brands love to rework vintage models. There’s nothing quite like wearing a beautifully-tooled watch that brings to mind the daring and glamour of another era. And no one does it quite like Omega. The Omega Seamaster Railmaster 40mm is a strong example of how to create a watch that has […]

Longines Spirit Automatic 42mm Review

Pioneering. It’s one of those words that gets thrown around a lot. Cars are pioneering. Clothes are pioneering. Heck, we’ve seen coffee shops described as pioneering. But when it comes to watches, the Longines brand is a truly pioneering outfit. Some of the most daring people in history have sported a Longines watch on their […]

The History of Breitling Watches

Breitling enthusiasts know that if you need the perfect balance of precision, state of the art features, and inimitable style, Breitling is the brand to watch. Breitling has always been an innovative and features-oriented brand. Their slogan “Instruments for professionals” says it clearly. Even a professional diver or pilot can’t go wrong with one of […]

The History of Tudor Watches

Ask a random stranger to name a luxury watch, and there’s a good chance they’ll say “Rolex.” We watch collectors know there’s so much more to the luxury watch world than its most famous brand, but the name Rolex instantly says “expensive and designer watch.” Rolex’s founder, Hans Wilsdorf, knew this. So when he conceived […]

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Review

Last year, Tudor celebrated 50 years of chronograph making with the Black Bay Chrono. This watch immediately struck a chord with watch enthusiasts, thanks to its combination of precision modern specs, and thoughtful nods to the brand’s long history. The Black Bay Chrono is so much more than a heritage watch remake. It draws strongly […]

TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Review

When you imagine the speed, glamour, and danger of motorsports, the TAG Heuer brand isn’t far behind. From its beginnings as a tiny Swiss watch manufacturer, TAG Heuer has become one of the biggest, possibly even the biggest, names in motorsports watches. With the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph 44mm, TAG Heuer has revived its iconic […]

The History of Omega Watches

The first watch on the moon. James Bond’s watch. Worn by celebrities from JFK to George Clooney. This is Omega, one of the most well respected and instantly recognisable luxury watch brands in the world today. Some even say the brand is the only true competitor to Rolex. Whether you believe that or not, if […]

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Review

Omega has a long history of providing watches for divers, the military, astronauts, and film stars. And nowhere is its professional history more evident than in its Seamaster Planet Ocean collection.  As Omega watches go, the Planet Ocean is a relatively new line, being introduced in 2005. But it’s backed by the long maritime history […]

Bremont ALT1-C Chronograph Review

When you think of fine watches, chances are you think of Swiss-made timepieces. We get it. Switzerland is well known for exporting some of the loveliest timepieces known to man. But let’s not overlook quality watches made right here in the UK. Bremont has been at the forefront of the British watch industry since its […]

Tudor Black Bay GMT 41

Tudor is a global name in divers’ watches. Tudor has a reputation for precision timepieces, backed by its long military and maritime history. The Tudor Black Bay GMT 41 is a new incarnation of the famous Black Bay line, specifically designed to appeal to those of you who like to travel. Whether you want to […]

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