Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Review

Omega has a long history of providing watches for divers, the military, astronauts, and film stars. And nowhere is its professional history more evident than in its Seamaster Planet Ocean collection. 

As Omega watches go, the Planet Ocean is a relatively new line, being introduced in 2005. But it’s backed by the long maritime history of the beloved Omega Seamaster line, bringing the best of that brand into the modern age.

The Planet Ocean collection is beloved of divers everywhere thanks to the watches’ precision and focus on functionality. Yet these powerful diving instruments don’t skimp on style, with the line having a range of unique looks.

Today we’re taking a closer look at the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M with its beautiful black Liquidmetal (™) bezel and striking black and orange strap. Let’s dive (sorry) right in. 

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean


The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M means business. By the time the watch is on your wrist, it’s passed eight rigorous tests that give Omega the right to call the watch a Master Chronometer. 

The Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) administers these tough tests so watch connoisseurs know the Planet Ocean 600M has what it takes even in extreme conditions. Omega’s Master Chronometer watches are certified both by METAS and by the Official Swiss Chronometer Control (COSC). You could say their chronometers are twice as precise!

Yet all of this power is housed in the body of a luxury watch. The Planet Ocean line is a prestigious high-class family of watches that also happens to pack a real punch when you look under the hood. 

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean


To understand the history of the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M, we have to dive much, much further back. All the way back, in fact, to 1932, when Omega first introduced its Omega Marine watch.

The Marine was not only Omega’s first commercially available dive watch, but the first commercially available dive watch in the world. Omega created a unique double layer case with cork seal, so divers could wear the Marine in the water, without water getting into the movement. The first Marine models were tested near Omega’s headquarters, in Lake Geneva, where they were certified waterproof to a depth of 73m. 

Professional divers took to the Marine at once. Yves Le Preiur, the inventor of the modern scuba mask, wore a Marine. And in 1936 the explorer Charles William Beebe had an Omega Marine on his wrist when he dove 14 metres off the coast of Bermuda in a bathysphere.

Omega cemented its reputation as a divers’ watch manufacturer in 1948 when it introduced the Omega Seamaster. The Seamaster featured an O-ring gasket that increased its water resistance, keeping it watertight up to 60 metres and ensuring continued function at temperatures from -40 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Omega added the Planet Ocean to their Seamaster line in 2005. Intended as a luxury watch, the Planet Ocean married the history of the Seamaster with a modern look. In the years since then, Omega has added innovations such as Liquidmetal and the Calibre 8500 movement (and then the Calibre 8900 featured in this watch), to keep improving the line. 

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean


The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M has a fresh, sporty look that’s thoroughly modern, yet classy enough to call to mind its vintage diving watch lines.

This particular model features a polished black ceramic dial, that contrasts beautifully with the orange highlights on the bezel, and the orange stitching and inserts on the adjustable rubber strap.

A combination of bold orange Arabic numerals and striking white batons make this watch highly readable. The unique arrow-tipped hands lend an extra flash of character, and increase readability as well.

Flip the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M over and you’ll see a skeletal caseback that gives you a beautiful view of the Omega Master Chronometer calibre 8900 movement. A lot of divers’ watches feature a solid back, so this is an interesting touch by Omega.

The dial also has a date window in the three o’clock position.

We love the overall look of this watch. It’s solid, masculine and bold, with a serious yet sporty look. The rubber strap and orange highlights make this a watch that’s not for the shy and retiring among you. It’s a statement watch that’s proud of its pedigree. 

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

Features and Specs

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M is packed with features that we think you’ll love. Let’s start by talking about that Liquidmetal bezel.

Omega introduced the world to Liquidmetal back in 2009. Liquidmetal is an alloy that contains nickel and zirconium (with a few other metals.) So what’s the purpose of Liquidmetal? Is it a gimmick? No, not at all. Omega uses Liquidmetal to create bezels that are not only more durable, but also extremely nice looking.

The Liquidmetal bezel features a ceramic base, engraved with a precision laser. Omega’s watchmakers lay a thin, flat disk of Liquidmetal over the ceramic, then remove the excess Liquidmetal. The result is beautiful polished ceramic markers and batons that contrast perfectly with the glossy black Liquidmetal.

Of course the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M isn’t just about Liquidmetal! Other features worth a look include:

  • A black structured rubber strap with contrast orange stitching, and a clasp for easy adjustment.
  • Calibre 8900 movement that can withstand magnetism up to a gauss rating of 15,000 and still remain accurate.
  • Luminous blue indices and a green glow to the bezel and minute hands. The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M is made to be easily readable even when diving, and it shows.
  • Water resistant to 600 metres.
  • A date window at the three o’clock positions.
  • A helium escape valve to prevent damage during the decompression process. This is a serious divers’ watch.
  • Unidirectional rotating bezel.
  • An impressive 60 hour power reserve.


The Planet Ocean also features a co-axial escapement that reduces the need for lubrication and means the Planet Ocean 600M can go longer between services than many similar watches of its class. 

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean


One of the things we like about this watch is the combination of a sporty look with a luxury finish. Let’s be honest. The look of this watch isn’t quite dressy enough for a very formal occasion. But for everyday, business, and leisure wear, you couldn’t want a more versatile timepiece.

The History of Omega watches often treads the fine line between luxury and practicality, and the Planet Ocean 600m is a fantastic example. The black strap and dial, and stainless steel case, lend instant class, while the orange highlights and white batons keep it modern.

If you like your watches reassuringly solid, the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M is a fantastic choice. It’s a thick, heavy watch, with a strong build and a nice “click” to the bezel when moving it. The helium escape valve adds something to the look, too, reminding you that this watch is made for an active lifestyle. 

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean


The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean normally retails for £5,800 


The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m is a precision diving instrument that looks good enough to wear out and about or in the office. We love that the design is so versatile with a pop of fun, without sacrificing its more serious side.

The Planet Ocean feels like an Omega watch should: Luxurious, perfectly tooled, and with a touch of history about it. It’s actually hard to believe Planet Ocean has only been part of the Omega Watches line since 2005. It’s a modern classic that we think will age well.

This is a watch for serious professional divers. You don’t have to be a pro diver to wear it, but if you are looking for a watch that will remain accurate and highly readable even under the waves, this is the watch for you. 

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