Tudor Black Bay 41mm Review

Tudor Black Bay 41

The word “Tudor” brings to mind the splendour of the Tudor royal family, who were noted for their love of luxury, patronage of the arts, their power, and their wealth. 

The iconic Tudor watch encapsulates that feeling. It’s a quietly powerful, perfectly designed watch. Not ostentatious, but one that says “the owner of this watch knows true style and quality when they see it.” 

Tudor is Rolex’s sister company, so you know when you win or buy a Tudor watch, you’re investing in quality that will last.

The Tudor Black Bay 41 is a large, powerful watch that’s bold enough to wear to any occasion. It’s water resistant which means you can keep it on in the shower, or when going swimming. Heading off for a snorkelling vacation, or diving? The Tudor is right there with you.

The 26-jewel movement and automatic self winding mechanism mean you can wear this watch every day, and never worry about it losing time. It’s got a 38 hour power reserve too, so even if you leave it for a couple of days, it will still keep time with precision. 

Tudor Black Bay 41

A Watch That Marries Style and Performance

The Tudor Black Bay 41 looks fantastic. It features a traditional analogue dial face that shows the hours with circle and oblong symbols, and a triangle pointing downwards at the 12 o’clock positions. The hands feature the familiar Tudor snowflake design, and the hands and number positions are lightly luminous so you can easily tell the time in low light. The slender second hand is also luminous, for precision timekeeping in lower light levels.

These tiny details ensure the Tudor Black Bay 41 is more than a pretty watchface. It offers fantastic performance. If you win or invest in this watch, you’ll have a timepiece you can rely on. A balance spring of high performance silica ensures your watch will work perfectly around all your devices without the risk of magnetic interference.

The dark midnight blue face goes with almost any outfit you can think of, and is suitable for any occasion. 


A Classic Design for Modern Times

The Tudor Black Bay 41 has a classy finish of polished and brushed steel. The sleek polished steel bezel is a nice touch that adds to its classic look.

One of the standout features of this beautiful watch is the obsessive attention to detail in the design. Of course, we’d expect nothing less than perfect build and accurate time keeping from Tudor, but the Tudor Black Bay 41 is exceptionally well finished.

The stainless steel bracelet offers a solid, reassuring weight that’s both durable and elegant. Yet it’s light enough to wear all day every day. This is a watch for men and women. It’s heavy enough to look solid on a bigger wrist, yet light and well styled enough to look great on a more slender wrist.

Tudor Black Bay 41

This is a watch with truly universal appeal. Dignified and traditional enough for an older watch connoisseur, yet modern enough to be a fun choice for the younger watch lover. Elegant enough for any occasion, solid enough for daily wear, and durable enough to wear in the shower or when swimming. This watch is a real all-rounder. 

Tudor Black Bay 41


Like all great watches, the Tudor Black Bay 41 promises to be a collector’s item one day, following in the footsteps of many Rolex watches. Win this watch, and you’ll get to see your grandson or granddaughter enjoying wearing the very same timepiece that served you so well.

The Tudor Black Bay 41 will take you from daytime, to playtime, to nighttime, looking fantastic all the way.  




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